December 20, 2012

update: Ensio Tuppurainen, video 2012

In 2012 finnish photographer and author Erkki Pirtola has made a video of then 88 year old Ensio Tuppurainen, talking about and showing his folk art environment in Vekeranj√§rvi in Finland.

The finnish spoken video gives a good impression of the variety of creations Tuppurainen has made, both all kinds of installations from recycled material and sculptures, as pamphlets with social and political manifestations

A finnish friend informed me that Tuppurainen has wise and sensitive stories behind each art work and makes remarks like: "I've been a cheap person for society" and "There is one reason behind these works: spiritual. And my will to show".

Take a look at the video (Youtube, 19'29", uploaded 19 dec 2012)

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