April 06, 2010

El Pasatiempo: origins, features, decay, present state

In my note of december 20, 2009 I wrote about El Pasatiempo, a large scale social, educative and creative environment and public park, that was developed by Juan Garcìa Naveira and his brother Jésus as a gift to the fellow-citizends of his hometown, Betanzos, in Galicia, Spain.

Looking around on the internet I noted that -as far as I could see- there are no texts in english available, that describe this environment in some detail.

However, in march 2010 I found a spanish weblog that has the story: Academia Cajander, authored by Amio Cajander. In agreement with him I made a translation into english of his texts. I feel happy to present this compilation in my collection of texts on outsider environments.

El Pasatiempo, began around 1895, was an exceptional social enterprise, an educative setting and a very large scale creative construct, that can be admired as such, but that also gives us an insight in the way western european people in the early 20th century looked at the world and what they considered to be the wonders of that world.