February 11, 2011

update: André Morvan, Sculpture garden of Mont Salut, article by Michel Leroux

picture courtesy of Sophie Lepetit, from her weblog


  1. Greetings Henk, I was just over at OEE Texts to read the article... excellent job translating. Will have to stop there the next time I'm out in Brittany. His work reminds me of the Museum of the Absurd, whose owner also makes fantastic sculptures out of found wood.

  2. Hi Owen, Thanks for the comment. One of my next posts will be about another site in the Morbihan area (Landes de Lanvaux, north of Vannes), so I am afraid you have to make two stops when out in Brittany. Loved the story of your visit to London, like always your special way of seeing things and combining them.