February 03, 2012

Abbé Fouré, Exposition 2012

Abbé Fouré is well known because of les Rochers Sculptés, an ensemble of some 300 impersonations he has sculpted in the rocks along the coast nearby where he lived in Rotheneuf, Normandy, France.

Although the site is one of the three most important sites in France (the other two being Cheval's Palais Ideal and Picassiette) it hasn't a protected status. So it is a very welcome development that a group of interested people has been formed to promote and document the site and its author.

This group, the Association des amis de l'oeuvre de l' Abbé Fouré, presided by Joëlle Jouneau, has started its activities around 2010. One has gathered material to illustrate and document life and work of the priest.

In the early years of the 20th century, when the priest was active in creating his site, postcards were the appropriate medium to disseminate images of touristic sites. Many of these postcards document Fouré's oeuvre and probably they constitute an important component of the assembled material. .

In february and march 2012 the Amis have organised an exposition in Paimpont, Bretagne, entitled Life and works of Abbé Fouré. 

Paimpont is special in Fouré's life. After having been ordained in 1863 as a priest,  in 1865 he became the chaplain of the Chapel of St Eloi des Forges, in Paimpont. 

Around that time, economic tide had become unfavourable for the forges (furnaces) of the Brocéliande area, that for some 200 years had been producing cast iron. The owners decided to begin a first phase of closing the forges. Legend says that Fouré travelled to England, where the owners resided, to advocate the survival of the furnaces, but this story probably is apocriphal... 

Anyway, gradually the furnaces have been closed and nowadays the site is being cared for as a heritage, open for public visits. And for interesting expositions. 

Life and work of abbé Fouré
Les forges de Paimpont
Paimpont FR

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