October 08, 2012

Abbé Fouré, Action to save the sculpted rocks

According to french informed opinion, the most important art environments of the country are Facteur Cheval's Palais Idéal, Raymond Isidore's Maison Picassiette and Abbé Fouré's Rochers sculptés

The Palais Idéal and the Maison Picassiette have a legally protected status, the sculpted rocks are in no way protected. 

Situated at the rocky Breton coast of Rothéneuf, the site is easily affected by wind and sea and visitors can freely go their own way, accessing sculptures if they like so...

The Association of Friends of the Oeuvre of Abbé Fouré, formed in 2010, in september 2012 has initiated an action to better protect the site and save for the future what today is left. 

The Association looks for adhesion, so emails indicating support (with name, adress, and -if relevant- qualification) are very welcome at associationamisabbefoure@gmail.com

Go to the Ulule website if you would like to contribute to an action to raise euro 2257, meant to publish an informative booklet about Abbé Fouré 

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