May 17, 2021

Map of outsider environments in France

This map, prepared by Jon von Zelowitz, presents French art environments made by non-professionals that can be seen from the street or can be visited.

How to use the map

Scroll the map, click on an arrow and the details of the relevant site will appear (such as name of the creator, visiting options and a link to the review of the site in this weblog). 

Or click on the arrow left of the caption "Outsider Environments France" and an alphabetic list with names of artists appears, where you can select the site you would like to activate.

Then click on the arrow at the right side of the name of the artist in the red area, top left, and Google maps will appear with an indication of the site on the map. Activating streetview on that indication (a black spot) will give you a view from the street of the site or the area near the site, since not all sites can be seen from the street.

There are also options to activate a route to the site if you have added a point of departure..

Another option

You can also immediately click on the square at the top right. Then the map with arrows appears, and also a dynamic list of the art environments included in the map.

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