3. Books, films, websites in this blog (2008-2014)

This page lists documentary material (books, films, websites) as far as announced in separate articles in this weblog until 2014. From that year on this documentary material is announced in my Facebook page Outsider Art Environments Europe.
Most posts about specific art environments include a documentary section with referrals to books, articles and /or video's about the site and its maker.

* listed below the books announced in posts in this weblog {labeled (documentation (books)}
* this blog also has a page with an annotated review of books about art environments in general in Europe. To get an impression of what art environments are about, that page might be a good introduction.

Gilles Ehrmann, Les inspirés et leurs demeures (The inspired and their abodes), Paris (Ed. Le Temps), 1962, -170 p, 85 photo's 

d' Étonnants Jardins en Nord-Pas de Calais.  Inventaire général du patrimoine culturel (Ed by) Le Service du Patrimoine Culturel de la région Nord-Pas de Calais, (Images du Petrimoine, 293). Lyon (Ed. Lieux-Dits), 2015.

Jo Farb Hernandez, Singular Spaces. From the Eccentric to the Extraordinary in Spanish Art Environments. Published by Raw Vision

Minna Haveri, Nykykansantaide (Modern Folk Art), Maahenki, 2010 -272 p. ill

Joelle Jouneau, l'Ermite de Rothéneuf, 2013. -64 p, ill

Seppo Knuuttila(ed), ITE Art in Finland. Maahenki, 2011 
-120 p

Konecny, Pavel, Photobook Pietro Moschini, self-published, 2013

Gabriele Mina (ed), Costruttori di Babele. Sulle tracce di architecture fantastische universi irregulari in Italia (Builders of Babel, on the trace of the architecture of fantastic irregular uiverses in Italy), Milano (Elèuthera), 2011  -200 p ill

Bruno Montpied, Eloge des jardins anarchiques. Montreuil-sur-Bois (Ed.l'Insomniaque), 2011 -224p, ill., DVD

Claude and Clovis Prévost, Les bâtisseurs de l'imaginaire, Jarville-la Margrange (Ed de l'Est), 1990, -275 p.

Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf, Rekonstruktion eines Universes, Zürich (Ed Patrick Frey), 2011. -400 p, ill. 460 b/w and coloured pictures

*listed below the posts in this blog with the label documentation (films/videos)
*various posts in this weblog include short video's about the sites/creators concerned (not listed here)

Les demeures imaginaires (1975, 28'59")
Edited by Eric Duvivier
Laboratoire Sandoz, Basel, Switzerland
about Simon Rodia's Watts Towers, Karl Junker's Junkerhaus and Raymond Isidore's Maison Picassiette

Jarvis Cocker, Journeys into the Outside
broadcasted on BBC Channel 4 the movie currently is available on YouTube
european sites visited are the sculptured rocks by Abbé Fouréthe mosaic decorated house and garden of Robert VasseurBodan Litnianski's environmentthe house of monsieur Gla Maison Picassiettethe site of Chomofacteur Cheval's Palais IdéalRobert Garcet's Eben-Ezer TowerKarl Junker's Junker House  and Bruno Weber's site in Switzerland 

An exhibition in Melun, France, featured the films made by Clovis and Claude Prévost about various french creators of art environments
one could see the following films
-Monsieur G., dans le sanctuaire des lasers (Monsieur G, in the sanctuary of lasers), 1976, 26.37';
-Chomo, le fou en bout de la flèche (the madman at the end of the arrow), 1978, 28";
-La legende du silex de Robert Garcet (the legend of the flints of Robert Garcet), 1993, 41.40';
-Eben-Ezer, la tour de l'Apocalyps, 1997, 27.50', also about Garcet)
-Le facteur Cheval, où le songe devient la réalité (the dream becomes reality), 2001, 26.37';
Chomo, le débarquement spirituel - images de lumière (the spiritual landing - images of light), 30"

Rémy Ricordeau and Bruno Montpied, Bricoleurs de paradis. Le Gazouillis des Èlèphants (2011, 52")
a film about some ten art environments in the north and the west of France, such as Arthur VanabelleBodan LitnianskiAbbé Fouré, André GourletAndré Hardy and Alexis le Breton.

* listed below the new websites/blogs this weblog reported about {posts labeled documentation (websites)}
* the home-page of this weblog lists the websites/blogs that generally report about art environments in Europe
* and of course the posts about specific art environments in this blog have referrals to websites/blogs that deal with these environments

17-07-2010 Jean-Michel Chesné's weblog
31-08-2010 the new Italian website Costruttori di Babele
24-06-2011 the new website about Finnish contemporary folk art
03-11-2011 the new website about Veijo Rönkkönnen's sculpture park
29-01-2012 the new website about Jean Linard's Cathedrale
25-02-2012 the new Spanish webmagazine Bric-à-Brac
28-11-2012 the renewed website of SPACES
19-04-2013 the new weblog about art environments and irregular art in Tuscia, Italy
10-01-2014 the new weblog by Jean-Louis Bigou (De l'art improbable etc)

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