October 30, 2009

Monsieur Clement, Maison Coquillages/Shell decorated house

pictures published courtesy
of the author of weblog Serge Passions

Siouville-Hague is a small community on the Normandic coast in France. It boasts a very wide, sandy beach and in the 70s of the former century french celebrities would stay there for a holiday. The beach is still there, but the fame of celebrities nowadays is enjoyed elsewhere.

From an outsider environments point of view Siouville has kept its fame, because of a shell environment (decorated house and sculptured garden) that is situated there.

The decoration of the house and the creation of the statues in the garden, is the work of Monsieur Clément, who has been working more then ten years on these creations. He was a coppersmith in the region of Paris, and nowadays is retired.

More pictures on the weblog les grisgris de Sophie (post with the story of her visit, may 2010)

published oct 2009, revised may 2010

Monsieur Clément
Maison des coquillages
50340 Siouville, Normandie, FR

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