October 30, 2009

Monsieur Clement, Maison Coquillages/Shell decorated house

Siouville-Hague is a small community on the Normandic coast in France. It boasts a very wide, sandy beach and in the 1970's french celebrities would stay there for a holiday. The beach is still there, but nowadays celebrities enjoy their fame elsewhere.

From an art environments point of view Siouville has kept its fame, because of a house and a garden decorated with shells that is located in the community.

Decorating the house and creating the sculptures in the garden was a project of Monsieur Clément. He was a coppersmith in the region of Paris, who used the house as a holiday home. Currently Monsieur Clement is retired.

Decorating house and garden took him about ten years.

Apart from Sophie Lepetit's weblog, which has a series of pictures (may 2010) of the site, there isn't much informations on the interet about this art environment.

published oct 2009, revised may 2010

Monsieur Clément
Maison des coquillages
50340 Siouville, Normandie, France

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