March 31, 2010

Aune Kinnunen, Sculpture garden

picture from the finnish Wilmanet website (about Viitasaari)

Aune Kinnunen (1931), who lived on a farm with a rather large, natural garden. located in the community of Viitasaari, Finland, currently (2018) is included in a local home for the elderly.

In the 1960's she began decorating the garden with a variety of sculptures, some made of natural materials like the one above (what is it? kind of phantom from the woods or so?) and like the bear below on the slope of the small river.

picture from the finnish MTK website (on forestry), 
where it is no longer available

Apart from natural materials she also worked with concrete, decorating the walls and the doors of the barns with white frescoes, and making sculptures, like the little fisherman along the waterside in the picture below.

picture from the Wilmanet website

The interior of the house has been decorated too, with smaller creations and with sculptures which give one the impression as if they belong to the family or just came along to pay a visit and say hello.


Aune Kinnunen's work was exposed (by means of photographs of Mario del Curto) on an exposition entitled l'Esprit de la ForĂȘt, in the Paris Halle St Pierre (2006). This exhibition had works of some other outsider artists from Finland too, as well as from artists from other countries.

She has also participated in expositions on outsider art in Finland and in the Annan Konst (Other Art) touring exposition (2009/2010).

Documentation/more pictures
* article and pictures on the ITEnet website

first published march 2010, revised july 2018

Aune Kinnunen
Sculpture garden
Viitasaari, Central Finland, Western and Central Finland


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