June 27, 2010

Lionel and Sylvaine Periault, Un monde miniature/A mini world

picture newspaper le Télégramme (aug 2008)
link no longer available

In the picture above you see Lionel Periault (Rennes, 1953) and his wife Sylvaine in the midst of a creation they have been working on since 2001: a miniature world.

The site is located in the small community of Cuttoli-Corticchiato in the isle of Corsica.

The story is, that after some shrubs along the path of access to their house had been removed, the space looked so empty, that the retired couple decided to build some miniature houses along the path.

They never stopped constructing.....

So, currently (2010) there is a mini world in the garden around the house, stretching some 55 meters and raising some 8 meters along the hilly side of the garden.

There are houses, towers, windmills, bridges, donjons, tiny people, grouped into a number of communities (northern and southern Corsica, Brittany, Provence....)

The garden also has some stand alone creations such as a lifesized shell-embellished sculpture of a sea-princess and a mosaic replica of the Eiffel Tower (3.5 m)..

Apart from these relatively large constructions, the smaller structures of the houses etc evoke the atmosphere of rural villages in former times.

An amateur sculptor, Lional Periault also makes small sculptures in a folkloristic style, some 50 -70 cm high, impersonating corsican and breton characters, which are for sale.

The site can be visited on appointment. but one is not allowed to take pictures, which obviously limits the pleasure of a visit.

* article in Le Post, september 13, 2011
* entry on Musee Corse blogspot, april 21, 2013, with info about visiting the site
* article in journal Ouest-France, august 22, 2014

Lionel and Sylvaine Periault
Un monde miniature
lieu dit Giaccarello
20167 Cuttoli-Corticchiato, Corsica, France
visitors welcome on appointment (see website Musee Corse)


  1. Could be an excuse to take a trip to Corsica... have been meaning to go there for some time...

  2. Would be a nice trip.I have never been to Corsica, but there must be a lot to discover (not just "environments" of course, although I have another post in mind about another mini world in Corsica)
    Enjoy this week with its beautiful wheather.