May 28, 2021

Stevo Selak, Ansambl skulptura u prirodnoj veličini/Ensemble of life-size sculptures

picture (around 2018) from Facebook Watch,

see link in the documentation

The ensemble of sculptures in the image above is located in the backyard of a house in Banja Luka, a town of almost 200.000 inhabitants in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Life and works

This collection, which has emerged in recent years, is a creation of Stevo Selak, who lives in the house near the site. He studied at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Banja Luka and currently has a job with an insurance company.

In his life Selak had three clinical death experiences, two times as a child. He has come out with these experiences, most recently in a video of more than an hour on YouTube (October 2020), in which  -according to the caption at the video- he saw heaven and hell and discovered amazing things.

Selak has also become known for books he wrote, such as Life of Jovanov, a book about his father's experiences in World War II and the struggles after the break-up of Yugoslavia.

this picture is a screenshot from the video
of an interview in 2016

Selak already earlier talked publicly about his experiences with recovery from clinical death, as in the summer of 2016 when he was interviewed by Mondo BiH. The picture above, a still from the video with the interview, shows how Selak while talking leans on the shoulder of a sculpture that portrays Russian president Vladimir Putin.  

This sculpture of Putin is the very first sculpture that Selak made, indeed in 2016 or slightly before. It took 200 kilos of clay to make it. At a later stage the sculpture was plasticized and painted in a chrome color.

a picture of Putin (2016), from Selak's 
account on Facebook

For several years, Vladimir Putin was flanked by Donald Trump, President of the United States (2017-2021). A sculpture of his wife Melanie was also added. 

When a violent storm raged in Banja Luka in December 2017, Trump's clay sculpture was blown over and fell apart in so many pieces that it was beyond repair. 

Melanie's sculpture was saved. A new sculpture of Trump has been made, but then with an iron infrastructure.

picture from Facebook

The sculpture collection also includes a self-portrait of Selak, as can be seen in the image above, where he poses in identical clothing and in the same posture next to the (well-resembling) sculpture.

The site also has a sculpture of Selak's son Matthew and furthermore it includes portrayals of Jesus Christ and Socrates (at the right in the image above), the American actor Chuck Norris (at the left in the image above), the Swedish princess Victoria (the lady in the red robe in the very first image), while not long ago also Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea since 2011, was added.

The site, which up to now is the only art environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  can be seen from the street, but an address is not available.

* Article (March 2020) in newspaper Dnevni Avaz about some recent additions to the site
* Article (January 2018) in newspaper Blic about some of Selak's books
* Article (June 2017) in British newspaper the Mirror 

* video of the ensemble is available on Facebook Watch, take a look via this link  
* Video the making of Putin (around 2017)

Stevo Selak
Ensemble of life-size sculptures 
Banja Luka, suburb Paprikovac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
sculptures can be seen from the street

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