February 03, 2023

Tiziana Busi, Decorazioni natalizie all'uncinetto in una cappella / Crochet Christmas decorations in a chapel

this picture and the next one (December 2022)
by Barbara Busi (as on Google Maps)

The picture above shows the Christmas decorations in the Cappella Di Santa Chiara in the old center of Pieve di Cento, a community of about 6800 inhabitants in Italy, 30 km north of Bologna.

This Christmas scene is a special one, not only because, at 100 m², it is among the largest in Italy, but also because of the crochet work that has been done to create the variety of characters.

Life and work

There is virtually no biographical information available on the internet about Tiziana Busi, the artist who made these special Christmas decorations. She lives in Pieve di Cento and was probably also born and raised there.

When exactly she started making crocheted characters for a Christmas scene is not clear, but it is known that in December 2022 the exhibition took place for the seventh time.

This for the chapel annual event, entitled Gaudete et exultate: nato per farci santi (Rejoice and be glad: Born to make us saints), usually takes place from Christmas Day in December to mid-January, 
this picture and he next four courtesy of Francesco Galli,
from his website

Apart from the traditional figures included in a nativity scene, such as Joseph and Mary with the newborn Jesus, shepherds from the area and the three kings from further afield, Tiziana's creation is populated by all kinds of characters who go about their daily activities, inserted in urban and rural and scenes.

The site includes creations that depict famous people from the Roman Catholic world, such as Mother Teresa (1910-1997), Pope Francis (appointed 2013), Cardinal Giacomo Biffi (Archbishop of Bologna 1928-2015). 

And there are creations depicting well known people from a completely different world, such as the Italian boxer from Pieve di Cento  Franco Cavicchi (1928-2018).

Seen from the field of art environments, this Christmas scene is special because of the various buildings that are part of it. 

At first glance it may not be so clear, but the outside of these buildings is covered with crocheted material, designed in such a way that windows and doors, but also columns and roofs, appear realistic. This also applies to the pavement. 

For residents of Pieve di Cento it must be a nice experience to see replicas of the local parochial church Santa Maria Maggiore and of the four gates that mark the main access roads of the city, the Porta Asia , Porta Cento, Porta Bologna and the Porta Ferrara.

And there are also buildings further away such as the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and churches from nearby Bologna, such as the Santuario di Madonna di San Luca and the Saint Petronius Basilica.

Article on the website of photographer Francesco Galli, with pictures

* Video
On Facebook Watch there is a video (11'16") with scenes from this art environment. Although it can be shared, after sharing the video appears as inaccessible.

Tiziana Busi 
Christmas decorations in the Cappella Di Santa Chiara
22 Via Luigi Galuppi

Pieve di Cento, dept Bologna, region Emilia-Romagna, Italy

freely accessible between December 25 and mid-January

Google Maps

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