June 28, 2024

Wieslaw Węgrowski, Ogród i szopy z dekoracjami / Garden and sheds with decorations

photos courtesy of Andrzej Kwasiborski, as on Facebook

In Wloclawek, a city with around 107,000 inhabitants (2021) in central Poland, there is an art environment consisting of a garden and sheds with all kinds of decorative items.

Life and works

This art environment was created by Wieslaw Węgrowski about whom virtually no biographical information is available on the Internet, except that he currently is retired.

From the photos that became available on Facebook after Andrzej Kwasiborski visited the site, much can be learned about the composition and design of this art environment.

The items collected by Węgrowski, partly self-created, mostly of not too large size, are situated in the garden near his house, both in the open air and in a few built structures, such as a single barn and the wooden shelter connected to a tree in the very first photo.

As for the self-made creations, two types of creations stand out, namely the sculptures and the many portraits and other drawn or painted works.

As can be seen in the image below, the collection of sculptures mainly includes creations in the form of busts or sometimes just the head, made in natural size and mostly arranged in mutual harmony on small, beautifully arranged elevations in the open air. 

This also applies to the extensive collection of paintings that have been brought together in this art environment, of which the image above left gives an impression.

This photo also shows a collection of oil lamps. 

The art environment has all kinds of collections of these types of items. Like there is a large number of horseshoes, which are beautifully arranged in different places and form a decorative element. 

There is also a collection of tools, such as long-handled axes, displayed on the wall of a shed, just as bowls, glasses, bottles, cups, pots, cart wheels, tongs and scissors, standing or hanging in line, are also richly represented.


This art environment in Poland is not very well known. As far as could be determined, there are no references to the site on the internet or in local news media in Poland.  So far the only source of information is the short review on Facebook mentioned in the documentation.

* Review by Andrzej Kwasiborski on Facebook, with a series of photos.

Wieslaw Węgrowski
Garden and shed with decorations
address not available
Włocławek, Kuyavian–Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland

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