January 11, 2013

J.T. Halstead, Ebenezer Cottage

Above picture may not be very clear, but then, it is a reprint from an old english journal, the Examiner, that in its edition of december 30th, 1936 had this picture and a note about a "fairy tale cottage in Lancashire".

According to the caption J.T. Halstead (1866-?) was a mill operative in Rochdale, who, probably when retired, began decorating the exterior of his house with broken pottery, shells, figurines, a plate in memory of his deceased dog and various smaller items (teapots, light bulbs etc).

I have bee looking around for more details about this environment, but the internet so far has offered no further information, except this trailer (0'47") of a 1937 item on British Pathé, showing Halstead at work (for preview only, DVD can be bought).

This is all, so far, more information would be welcome. 

As far as I know, the decorations have not passed the test of time and belong to the realm of history..

J.T. Halstead
Ebenezer Cottage
Broad Lane
Rochdale, greater Manchester, UK


  1. Dear Henk, I will try to find out some information about this cottage if any one can help. It is a very interesting one and I liked the British Pathé film of it.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    All the best

  2. @ Françoise, thanks a lot, would be nice if you could trace some info. All the best.