November 16, 2008

Robert Coudray, l´Univers du poète ferrailleur/The universe of the "poète ferrailleur"

pictures courtesy of Sophie Lepetit, 
from her weblog lesgrisgris de sophie

Educated as a film maker, Robert Coudray (1954) from Brittany, France, had all kinds of professions, but eventually, following his vocation, he became a creator of movable creative constructions, mostly made from recycled and scrap material.

He calls himself in french a poète ferrailleur, what in english would be something like poet/scrap trader. In  the title of this post I left this denotation untranslated, because in english it doesn´t sound as poetic as in french..

Currently (2008) already for some twenty years, Coudray has been making creative poetic constructions. This has resulted in a most wonderful and fantastic collection of flying objects, mechanical puppets, machines, clocks, bikes, cars.

Most of these creations are moving around or function as automatons. All together these creations constitute an amazing creative environment.

The video below by Anthony Noël (Youtube, uploaded 2012) gives a good idea of Coudray's site

Making movies

Although occupied by making creations and running the museum, Coudray through the years continued shooting short films. As an example here is the trailer of the movie (24 min, 2008) entitled Le secret de Mermoz (The secret of Mermoz), about a solitary man, who as boy dreamt of flying in his self-made flying machine

Prevalent in Coudray's cinematographic work is the theme of man pursuing his dreams.

All his life Coudray himself has dreamt of making one day a lengthy feature film. That dream has come true. From 2008 on with a lot of sacrifice a (rather modest) budget has been raised and from october 2010 till july 2012 the film has been shot, with hundreds of people from the region participating as figurants or as technical or administrative volunteers.

As Coudray says on the films website: "We show that in this countryside that is remote from cultural powers, their subsidized structures and their standardized schemes, we are able to gather our energies to bear innovative ideas. We are all creative".

The movie, entitled Je demande pas la lune, juste quelques étoiles (I don't ask for the moon, just a few stars) had its premiere in march 2013.

trailer of the movie (Youtube, uploaded febr 2013)

* Website l'Univers du Poète ferrailleur
* On Sophie Lepetit's weblog lesgrigrisdesophie, pictures both of the interior and the exte rior of the museum
* Website of the movie Je demande pas la lune, juste quelques étoiles

first published nov 2008, revised oct 2010, dec 2012, nov 2013, nov 2016

l´Univers du poète ferrailleur
Robert Coudray
56460 Lizio, Morbihan, Bretagne FR

open from 1/4 - 1/11
july & august all days 10.30-12.30 and 14-19,
other periods: restricted opening hours

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