December 29, 2008

Frédéric Séron, Sculpture garden

pictures are screenshots from a 1954 tv program 
(see documentation)

In the 1950's in artistic cicrles in France, especially among the surrealists, interest arose in creations made by art brut artists as they were labelled these days.

Séron was one of them.

Life and works

Frédéric Séron (1878-1959), who lived in the small community of le Pressoir-Prompt, Essonne, south of Paris, was a baker by profession.

In his dreams he saw images that he wanted to reproduce in reality, so he began making sculptures which he displayed in the garden around his house.

The story goes that he put newspapers en other documents inside these sculptures "to give them a soul".

All together Séron made some 90 sculptures, depicting a variety of aninmals (such as a giraffe, a lion, a swan...) and people (such as young ladies dancing or blowing a horn ....).

In 1958 André Breton and Jean Cocteau  paid him visits (cf le Poignard Subtil, 14-11-2009) and Gilles Ehrmann portrayed him in his famous photobook Les inspirés et leurs demeures (1960)

Séron also made paintings in a naïve style.

The paintings and the sculptures meanwhile have disappeared. It's not clear if they were demolished, given away, stored somewhere, or what.

* In 1954 Séron was interviewed by french tv. The recording, 8'31" is currently in the INA archive.

* Weblog Art-Maniac (in french) has a number of pictures by Gilles Ehrmann.

Frédéric Séron
Sculpture garden
(formerly) le Pressoir-Prompt, France
sculptures not in situ anymore

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