January 21, 2009

Irial Vets, Chapelle Sixtine/Sistine Chapel

the Sistine chapel in Rome
picture licensed under Creative Commons

Irial Vets (1908-2001), a restaurant owner in Trouville, Normandy, France, in his free time was a self-taught visual artist.

In 1968, when he was sixty years old, he saw an advertisement saying that an old chapel in the neighbourhood of Saint-Vincent-de-la Rivière near Broglie in Normandy was for sale. He bought the chapel, because this would make it possible to realise his dream to make a fair copy of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

For his project, which took him four years to complete, Irial Vets used photographs from a weekly magazine, but he also made a journey to Rome, to take a look at the original.

It has been said, that Vets´ reproduction of the Sistine Chapel was very similar. The internet just has one picture of Vets' creation, copied from the book Les bâtisseurs de l'imaginaire by the Clovis couple. (I refrain from using this copy here).

In addition to the paintwork that reproduces the Sistine chapel, Vets made a sculpture showing him seated and as if in meditation, a sculpture that was placed at the outside of the building. He also made a tomb where he wanted to be buried, which hasn't happened, however..

On sunday afternoons the chapel was open for the public and people liked to come and take a look.

The chapel has been whitewashed 

After Vets had passed away in 2001, the chapel was closed for the public. Some years later it has been sold to a private party. Dutch friends who inspected the site in 2006, informed me that Vets' paintings have disappeared: the interior of the chapel has been whitewashed, likely to facilitate the sale, which took place in 2007.In 2006 the sculpted items still were present.

Irial Vets
Chapelle Sixtine
Saint-Vincent-la-Rivière, Eure, FR
painted ceiling no longer extant

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