February 01, 2009

Bertrand Chenu, Musée de l'insolite / Museum of the absurd

portrait of Bertrand Chenu (May 2013)
courtesy of Cathy de Mol (Flickr)

In the Lot area in the south of France an outsider artist has created his own museum.

Life and works

Bertrand Chenu from childhood on was a collector of all kinds of objets trouvés.

A tanner by profession, by vocation he became an autodidact artist, working as a painter and making sculptures from wood and iron, often using leftover material, tree stumps and objects from the rubbish-dump.

picture by the tourist office in the Lot department

In 1984 Chenu could buy an old house in Cabrarets, in the Lot department, France. He renovated it and transformed it into a musée de l´insolite, which was opened in 1988. Here he exposes his creations and objets trouvés. 

from the museums website

Chenu displays processed carcasses of old cars, motorcycles, sculptures from iron waste material impersonating animals, personalities and so on, all together giving way to his view on an alienated, but interesting and fascinating world of recuperated items.

Visitors are welcome, especially of course if they buy some postcards and make a donation.

The collection will change in the course of time, in which new items will be added.

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* Article (2014) on the weblog of Sophie Lepetit, with a series of pictures
* Article by Sonia Terhzaz on her website Cartographie des Rocamberlus (environnements d'art singulier), with a report of the visit she made in August 2021 and a detailed description of everything on display

* A video on Daily motion (2012, 57") by testsdesophie

first published February 2009, last revised April 2023

Bertrand Chenu
Musée de l´insolite
lieu-dit Liauzu
Cabrerets, dept Lot, region Occitanie, France
open daily in summer, apr-nov, 9-20 h

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  1. Bertrand Chenu is one of the most amazingly creative and original artists I've ever come across anywhere... just an unbelievable mind at work there. Great to see he is getting some recognition and free publicity in the blog world... I did a post about him a couple months ago, and will be doing more very soon. Best wishes !