August 19, 2009

Ian Willis, Secret Garden of Serles House

pictures courtesy of Simon Turner
(except the flowerpot man)
above picture shows the decorated shell grotto

Lovers of gardens as many english people are, the reports about this site in Wimborne Minster mostly have a gardening point of view. Discussions and information from an outsider environment point of view are difficult to find.

This could also mean that english observers do not not rank this site as an outsider environment, but in my opinion this would not do justice to the creative power of its creator, Ian Willis 

Life and works

In 1981 Ian Willis settled in Wimborne Minster, a community located in the county of Dorset, in the south of England. 

In the course of the years he has transformed the garden at the backside of his house for one part into an english-style garden with flowering plants and a variety of trees and for another part into an art environment with creative constructions and objets trouvées.

the garden grotto, detail

One of these creations is a small shell grotto, constructed by Willis when he was age fifty or so.

Then there are some sculptures, such as a flowerpot man (pictured below) and there are around sixty artifacts Willis found and considered as fun to add to an open air exposition.

One can see some old cannons digged up from the Solent river, big tropical clams, iron memorabilia from old hotels and theaters around Dorset.

Some walls, as in the picture below, have a special decoration, in combination with plants and objets trouvés.

All objects have been described in a small booklet that is available for visitors who come to see the garden.

* Website National Garden Scheme

Ian Willis
Secret Garden of Serles House
Wimborne Minster, Dorset, South West England, UK 

from summer 2003 on, the environment can be visited by the public, on basis of the UK National Gardens Scheme, that is on sunday-afternoons in the summermonths. 

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  1. How wonderful that he is still alive to receive the appreciation of his visitors.