January 17, 2011

Adelbert Juks, Decorated house

Life and works

Born in the small community of Himmaste, in the Pölvamaa county in Estonia, Adelbert Juks (1926-2010) has become known as a folk artist who was so active in painting, that he not only worked on canvas, but also decorated most of the interior and exterior of his house.
Not much has been published about his life. He was a soldier in WWII, serving with the russian army. He got wounded and returned home with some disability and maybe he got a pension because of this disability.

As far as I understand Juks has not been active in any civilian profession and neither did he have any education or training as a visual artist. 

Juks probably all his adult life has been staying in and around his house, which he shared -as far as I know- with one or two other members of his family.

Outdoors he was active in keeping bees and comparable small-scale farming and gardening activities.

And indoors... well, painting was his passion...... 

He made oil paintings on canvas and other media, and decorations on walls, doors and ceilings, mostly in a naive folk art style.

However, as the next picture shows, when decorating the ceiling of the house, Juks also liked to make colorful  op-art like items.

This kind of decoration he also applied to other parts of the house, as can be seen on next picture.

Adelbert Juks died december 13, 2010.

Up to now I couldn't trace any reports about what happened with the house where he lived and with his artistic legacy.


Juks work has been shown in expositions which featured folk and outsider art, such as the 2003 exposition Solvates Medusa (Offending the Medusa) in the Tallinn Art Hall.

* Article by Estonian art historian Sigrid Saarep on website metsas.ee (in estonian)

first published jan 2011, revised febr 2013

Adelbert Juks
Pölvamaa, Estonia
actual situation of the site unknown

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  1. Love the door with birds on it, and the bright ceilings. Hopefully the place will be preserved if he is no longer there.