March 23, 2011

Pierre and Yvette Darcel, Mon Rêve/My dream

pictures courtesy of Art Insolite Amis

In a small community in the countryside of Brittany in France not far from St. Brieux,  Pierre and Yvette Darcel are active in creating a wonderful environment.

Pierre (b. 1934), who was a farmer, began decorating the garden when in 1994 he became retired. From concrete he makes sculptures, in general depicting people and animals. These sculptures will be decorated with mussel shells, painted by Yvette, mostly in the colors black and white, as in next picture.

This way of decorating the sculptures gives them a very special appearance and is rather suitable to depict breton local and folkloristic scenes. as the Darcels like to do.

The garden is partly bordered by a long stone wall with shell mosaics that mainly depict scenes from traditional Breton life, like families around a table and craftsmen at work

Documentation/more pictures
* In may 2009 the french Animula Vagula weblog had the story, with nice pictures by Michèle Merlin. On this blog also a diashow of the creations (click "diaporama", right upper corner)
* Article in regional newspaper Le Télégramme (in french, august 2013)
* Pictures of a variety of sculptures on Sophie Lepetit's weblog (sept 2014) 

Pierre and Yvette Darcel
Mon Rêve
Saint-Donan, Brittany, France

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  1. I have just discovered you thanks to Rima Stains site, and am so happy I did. What a wonderful ongoing project you have mounted. There is nothing more encouraging in these troubled times than to see evidence of the human spirit in these artful impulses realized.