May 20, 2011

Christian Guillaud, La maison arc en ciel / The rainbow house

pictures are screenprints from Serflac's video (see documentation)
published in agreement with the author

Life and works

Christian Guillaud at first was a sailor, then he became a brocanteur (dealer in second-hand goods) and when he retired, he became a creator of an art environment.

At some moment in the early 2000s, he painted one of the many items he had in stock in a fresh, lively color and positioned it somewhere around his house. This happened to be a trigger. He decided to continue decorating interior and exterior of the house.

So gradually most items he had in stock were painted in bright colors and arranged in and around the property.

In the course of the years the site got a lively appearance, showing a multitude of items, dolls, toys, flags, flea-market stuff, whatever.....

The arrangement of all this bric à brac will be changed regularly, there never is a dull moment.

Meanwhile, the site has expanded to a piece of land on the other side of the road.

This art environment is situated in the small French community of Lens Lestang, on the road heading to Hauterives ¹, located some five kilometers further.

* Photo-series by Valèrie Deswaziere on the website uploaded march 2011
* Article (2013) with a series of pictures on weblog Digital Cosmonaut

* Fragment (2016) on the South France video by Serflac (YouTube, 1.20.14 - 1.22.35, cannot be embedded here)

¹ Hauterives....rings a bell?....right, this is where facteur Cheval's Palais Ideal is located. Two geographically related outsider art environments, two completely different concepts

Christian Guillaud
La maison arc en ciel
26210 Lens Lestang, dept Drôme, dept Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
visitors welcome


  1. I have met Christian Guillaud last summer, I should publish some pictures and videos I have made.
    If you go to Facteut Cheval(3kms from Guillaud's house) visit him, he is very kind.

  2. @Cosmo
    Hello, I would like to make a link to the video's once you have published them. Thanks for the message.