June 03, 2011

Henry Brifaut, Château fantastique/Amazing castle

picture from the website Château de Callian

The castle in the community of Callian, in the Provence area in France, is private property. During the month of june 2011, it has (partly) been open to the public to visit an exposition of sculptures.

Life and works

It is for the first time these sculptures, made by autodidact sculpor Henry Brifaut (1905-1995), have been presented to the general  public. 

Brifaut was born into a belgian family, which was active in public life. His father, Valentin Brifaut (1875-1963), was a lawyer, a member of parliament, active in the boy scouts movement and a convinced promotor of roman-catholic values.

Brifaut jr studied law, was leader of a boy scouts group of which the later king Baudoin was a member and in general was more attracted to the world of art than to other areas of activity, and so he chose (and probably could afford) to be an autodidact sculptor.

In 1966 Henry Brifaut bought the castle in Callian, which was unhabited since 1793. The building had suffered from fire and looting and needed a lot of restoration, a project Brifaut himself undertook. He has been doing this restoration from 1966 untill 1977, while he already was in het sixties and seventies.

The some 500 sculptures of people, animals and various creatures, Brifaut has made, have been integrated into the terraces and inner courts of the castle, together constituting a visionary environment, as the organisers of the exposition say on the website which promotes the exposition.

scene of the exterior of the castle, with some sculptures

This website also has a number of pictures of the sculptures.

Documentation/more pictures
* pictures on the Art Insolite website
* Thierry Scaillet, Valentin et Henry Brifaut, Parcours de vie d'un père et d'un fils. Bruxelles (Ed. Event Business), 2008. -208 p

Henry Brifaut
Exposition "Bâtisseur de l'imaginaire"
Chateau de Callian
83440 Callian, France
from 3-6-2011/3-7-2011

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