May 30, 2013

A photobook about Pietro Moschini by Pavel Konecny

This month (may 2013) edited and published by Pavel Konecny a photo-booklet has appeared about Pietro Moschini,  

Konecny, a collector of outsider art from the Czech Republic, by chance came along pictures of Moschini's work, published on the internet by tourists, who had visited the self-taught artist in his home in Tuscania. It was a discovery with a major impact, resulting in the opening of Moschini's house as a Casa-Museo, thus doing justice to an hitherto unknown artist. 

In the introduction to his book (in Czech, Italian and English), Konecny not only relates this story, he also has a biographical sketch of the artist and a first artistic appreciation of his work, recommending there is every reason for an art historian to delve into Moschini's life and work and produce a comprehensive study.  

However, almost seventy of the hundred pages of the book, have photographs by Konecny of Moschini's sculptures, both pictures of the various locations were Moschini has resided (houses in and outside Tuscania) and pictures of free standing sculptures in wood, porous concrete, stone, cork and gypsum.

These pictures give a wonderful impression of Moschini's creative talent..

The photo-book (16x23 cm) is self-published and since it has a limited edition.

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