June 13, 2013

General Assembly of the European Outsider Art Association 2013

This year (2013) the Europen Outsider Art Association had its annual general assembly end may in Heidelberg at the Prinzhorn Institute. The main theme for this meeting was "Ethical questions in outsider art".

Eva de Stefano, professor of the history of contemporary art at the University of Palermo introduced this issue with a lecture entitled: Who owns outsider art? Illegal monuments: ownership and difficult protection, illustrating the issue with some examples from Sicily: the street art of Giovanni Bosco and the  outsider environments of Bentivegna, Cammarata and Israele.

She began thus: "The topic I want to cover and propose for discussion is particularly complex and concerns the fate of those special works that are difficult to classify, that is to say environments: outsider environmental works.....".(Click here to read the rest of the text)

During the Assembly the first ever meeting was held of a group, formed under the auspices of the EOA,  the Interest Group of Environments. 

I consider this as a major development:  for the first time on the european level a committee has been formed that can deal with the various aspects of outsider art environments, such as documenting, authorizing, sustainable use, protecting and communicating. (Click here to read the conclusions of the meeting).

In support of the group's communication I launched a new public Facebook page about outsider art environments.

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