September 11, 2013

Enrico Capra, Casa decorata/Decorated house

pictures courtesy of Cristina Calicelli

San Daniele Po is a small community of some 1500 inhabitants in the Lombardian region in Italy. 

The exterior of a house located along a sidestreet of the Strada Provincial 85 that intersects the village, for years now has been reconstructed and decorated by its inhabitant, Enrico Capra.

Life and work

Capra (1934-2014) all his life lived in that house. His youth may have been problematic, his father died from an illness when he was nine years old, it was wartime and the young boy was often ill.

At the age of fourteen he started working as a mason, although he had preferred to become a carpenter. 

He never married, and living with his mother in the house, he may have had a somewhat withdrawn life. His main passion became decorating and reconstructing the house.

After his mother died, in 1970, and in any case when he became retired, in 1994, he would spend all his time in this creative pasion.

Capra sculpted terracotta bricks which he applied on the walls, like he also made concrete ornaments. 

With material from demolished houses he constructed balustrades, balconies and colums, changing the rectilinear forms of the house into more circular ones.

All together, the elements added to the house have redefined it into a place where one can stay in a peaceful atmosphere and feel protected somehow from the outer world.

Capra passed away early 2014

On January 27, 2014 Capra passed away. To his memory Cristina Calicelli created a Facebook page.

Since Capra was not married and had no children, it remains to be seen who inherits the property and what its future will be.

Documentation/more pictures
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* Article on SPACES website (with a lot of pictures by Cristina Calicelli)
* Entry on Costruttori di Babele website
* Facebookpage (created april 14 2014)
* Video by Costruttori di Babele (0'50". You Tube, downloaded april 2014)

Enrico Capra
44 via Cantone
San Daniele Po, Cremona, Lombardia, Italy
can be een from the street

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