November 20, 2015

Exposition "Architectures" Lausanne

pictures courtesy of the Collection d'Art Brut

In November 2015 the Collection d'Art Brut in Lausanne opened an exposition entitled Architectures (November 13, 2015- april 17, 2016).

Focusing on the theme "construction" the exposition presents works, mainly paintings, drawings and models from the museum's collection made by some fifty art brut artists, among whom some two who made an art environment (Filippo Bentivegna and Willem van Genk).

One room of the exposition is especially devoted to art environments. One can see there all kinds of documentary material from the museum's archives, highlighting the works of the currently demolished Anarchitecture of Richard Greaves (Canada) and Charles and Pauline Billy (France)

In partnership with SPACES, the US organization that aims to save and protect art and cultural environments, there is also an event at the outside of the museum.

It consists of a series of panels which document a selection of art environments. There are panels about Josep Pujiula i Vila, Francisco González Gragera, Peter Buch and Felix Sanperiz Gistau (all from Spain), and Euclide da Costa Ferreira (from France).

Other panels show sites from the USA, featuring Sabato Rodia, Billy Tripp and Cano Espinoza (USA)

left the panel about Peter Buch

The catalogue of the exposition, authored by Laurent Danchin and Pascale Marini-Jeanneret has 168 pages and 142 color plates. It is available in a French and an English version.

On its blog SPACES website has an announcement of the panels at the outside.

Collection d'Art Brut
11 Avenue des Bergières
1994 Lausanne, Switzerland

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