November 11, 2015

Seventh anniversary of this weblog

Bonjour aux promeneurs, Hello walkers
picture of Chatelain's sculpture 

On november 11, 2008, I entered the blogosphere by publishing the first entry of a blog I entitled Outsider Environments Europe. 

So today this blog has its seventh anniversary and as in previous years, I will relate here some data (as of november 10) as provided by the blog's statistics "behind the scenes".

Number of visitors

On november 10, 2014 the all time number of page views was 312.596. On november 10, 2015 it was 420.277, an increase of 116,681 last year, or on the average 320 visitors a day.

All time pageviews by country

As in previous years here is the all time rank of top ten countries as regards page views:

  1.  United States 85583 (rank 2014: idem)
  2   Netherlands 54105 (rank 2014: idem)
  3.  France 49423 (rank 2014: idem)
  4.  Germany 34168 (rank 2014: 5th)
  5   United Kingdom 30200 (rank 2014: 4th)
  6.  Ukraine 18011 (rank 2014: 7th)
  7.  Russia 12690 (rank 2014 9th)
  8.  Italy 10580 (rank 2014: 6th)
  9.  Spain 8158 (rank 2014: 8th)
10.  Poland 3777 (rank 2014: idem)

As in previous years, the top is rather stable: the first five places are taken by the same countries, although in the cases of Germany and the U.K not in the same order.

I really appreciate the growing interest from Ukraine and Russsia,

Poland kept its place in the top ten, which is also indicative of the interest in art environments from eastern Europe.

Most viewed sites all time

  1. Robert Garcet, Tour Eben-Ezer 4357  (rank 2014: idem)
  2. Abbé Fouré, Rochers sculptés 4106 (rank 2014: 6th)
  3. Robert Tatin, Musée 3972 (rank 2014: idem)
  4. Joseph Ferdinand Cheval, Palais 3901 (rank 2014: idem)
  5. Bodan Litnianski, Jardin 3646 (rank 2014: idem)
  6. José María Garrido, Museo, 3244 (2014: not in top ten)
  7. Chomo, Preludian art, 3151 (rank 2014: 5th)
  8. Karl Junker, Junkerhaus, 3108 (rank 2014: 7th)
  9. Joseph Pujiula i Vila, Labyrinth, 2847 (rank 2014: 8th)
10. Willem van Genk, Bus station, 2692 (rank 2014: 9th)

Once more  the list shows a rather stable cohort of top sites, consisting of Garcet (from Belgium), Abbé Fouré, Robert Tatin, Facteur Cheval, Bodan Litnianski and Chomo (all from France), Karl Junker (Germany)  Willem van Genk (Netherlands) and Josep Pujiula i Vila (Spain).

José María Garrido (Spain) entered the top ten.

With regard to Abbé Fouré and Karl Junker this year I not only counted the main post about life and works, but also adjacent posts, such as those about a book that was published, an action that was organized and an exhibition that took place (Fouré) or a new website that was published (Junker) 

Other creators of sites that rank high in terms of number of times viewed are: Robert Vasseur (2579), Francisco González Grajera (2230), Ensio Tuppurainen (2170), Elis Sinistö (2154),  Oreste Fernando Nannetti (2143), Viktor IV (2124) and Picassiette (2094).

The weblog also has some pages. Most popular is the Index by country/regio, consulted over 8300 times, followed by the Index of names, consulted over 4200 times.

The General introduction attracted around 1800 viewers, the page about sources etc had some 1000 viewers  and the one about expositions over 1600.


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  3. Happy Birthday to Outsider Environments Europe. Thanks for your great work and for the many hours of interesting discoveries you share with us all.

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