March 01, 2024

Giovanni Masiero, Giardino con sculture in metallo / Garden with metal sculptures

this picture and the next four are screenprints
from the videos in the documentation

Salzano is a community on the mainland of northern Italy, part of the Metropolitan City of  of Venice, located some 24 km from the famous island with the same name.

Life and works

In this community there is an art environment with a variety of creations made by Giovanni Masiero (September 12, 1933 - March 7, 2017), who was a carpenter by profession and made the creations after he retired.
So far, there were no reviews on the internet about the size of this art environment and the manner in which it was created. As far as could be determined, local and regional newspapers also paid no attention to his creative work. Only the two videos in the documentation were available for information

Thanks to these two short videos (2014) on YouTube, available in this post, it was possible to get a visual impression of Masiero's creations.

Above, Masiero is pictured standing in his workshop.

However, almost simultaneously with the publication of this post, an article by Giada Carraro about the site appeared in her new website Bric-à-Brac Italia.

The original text about Masiero's site has therefore been adjusted and now appears in a new version.

Giada Carraro visited the art environment in 2015 and was warmly received by Masiero.

At that time the site had almost certainly reached its full size, since Masiero was in his early 80s and would die in March 2017.
Giada's article shows that in addition to the metal creations depicted in this post, numerous other, sometimes smaller characters also have a found a place in the site, such as a woman with a bouquet of flowers, a camel, a turtle and a deer. There is also a (miniature) spaceship. ​

Masiero's daughter, who currently lives in the house, prefers not to receive visitors, which is why the address of the site is not stated

* Article by Giada Carraro on her new website Bric-à-Brac Italia

* Video (3'15", YouTube, 2014) by Artstucdecor 

* Another video (1'04", YouTube, 2014), also by Artstucdecor

Giovanni Masiero
Garden with metal sculptures
Marghera, region Veneto, Italy
preferably no visitors

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