February 23, 2024

Eugène Juif, Maison décorée / Decorated house

this picture and the next three (early 1980s) published here in agreement
with photographer Francis David, as on website Habitants-Paysagistes

In the small French community of Vy-les-Lure, with today about 700 inhabitants, a colorfully decorated house could be admired for many years along the Grande Rue (also departmental road D 486).

Life and works

This extensive decorative project was undertaken by Eugène Juif (May 18, 1901-January 24, 1982), who lived in this house with his wife Caroline for many years. 

He was a forester, who spent his spare time decorating both the exterior walls and the interior of the house. At the time the photos in this post were made, he had been retired for many years.

Before the decorations were added to the exterior wall of the house and the adjacent garage, these walls were painted bright yellow. The colorful decorations painted on these surfaces, mostly depicted large bunches of flowers in red pots.

The stone pillars and the edge of the fence along the street were also provided with striking colours. The top of the pillars were crowned with small sculptures of white birds.

Many interior spaces were also decorated, such as the bedroom depicted in the photo at the very bottom of this text.

And then, the couple's convertible was also put in the spotlight with floral motifs.

Eugène Juif in front of his decorated house

A photo of that convertible can be seen on the Lille Art Museum's website Habitants-Paysagistes. In addition to photographs by Francis David, the series also includes images from the collections of l'Aracine and Louise Tournay

* A series of photographs of the site by Francis David and others on the website Habitants-Paysagistes (Lille Art Museum)
* The site has a review in Bruno Montpied, Le gazouillis des éléphants, Paris (Ed du Sandre), 2017

Eugène Juif
Maison décorée
Grande Rue 40

Vy-les-Lure, dept Haute-Saône, région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France

decorations don't exist anymore

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