March 04, 2022

Stanislaw and Krystyna Dzwonkowski, Ogród rzeźb / Sculpture garden

unless otherwise stated, photo's courtesy of. 
Eliza and Radek Łabarzewski, website Znalezienie

A high-rising Statue of Liberty dominates the entrance path to the home and the sculpture garden of Stanislaw and Krystyna Dzwonkowski in the village of Kleczków in Poland.

The village with 168 inhabitants (2011) is part of the municipality of Troszyn, located in the Mazowsze region, in eastern Poland, about 104 km (65 miles) northeast of Warsaw.

Life and works

Stanisław Dzwonkowski was born in Kleczków late 1944 or early 1945 and so he is now (2022) about 77 years old.

In 1970 he and Krystyna married and the couple, like many young people, moved to the city. They settled in Łomża, a town of about 64,000 inhabitants, some 25 km north-east of Kleczków, where they worked at a cotton processing plant.

In the 1980s Dzwonkowski started creating wooden sculptures, at the time, in the absence of sufficient space, probably not too large in size. 

After their retirement, around 2005, the couple wanted to move to a house in a rural environment, closer to nature. The opportunity arose to renovate and modernize Stanislaw's birthplace, which had been built by his grandfather in 1904. During the renovation, part of the house was preserved, to become arranged as a small chapel.

The house in Kleczkõw is located near the center of the village, which is marked by a crossroads of two through roads, dominated by a large church.

As can be seen on Google streetview, the house is located with its long side along the road, separated from this road by a front garden and a dividing fence.

entrance with two guards, from streetview

As above picture shows,the entrance to house and garden is flanked by two guards in uniform.

From the road one can see numerous sculptures of various personalities, installed along the garden side of the fence.

These personalities along the fence mostly are man-sized, similar to the person who could be an apostle, depicted in the picture lower right.

The part of the sculpture garden along the fence has more such characters, some with ecclesiastical backgrounds, others being more martial. 

But the sculpture garden extends further than the part along the fence and in those other places you will find more sculptures, such as, for example, creations with a religious background, including a crucifix of Jesus, top left, and a Mary shrine, bottom left.

Against the wall of the house is a kind of small chapel with a sculpture of Pope John Paul II.

In the more rear part of the garden there are also several smaller creations, including sculptures of animals such as flamingos and geese, as in the pictures above and below.

The images also show that the sculptures are very nicely surrounded by many green plants and shrubs. The garden, which is maintained by Krystyna, also has many flowers, such as geraniums, roses and poppies.

Because Stanislaw is almost eighty, he no longer makes new sculptures and, like his wife, he focuses on the maintenance, but then of the wooden sculptures.

* Article (July 2006) in newspaper Tygodnik Ostrołęcki
* Article  (January 2022) on weblog Znalezienie

Stanisław and Krystyna Dzwonkowski

Sculpture garden

Heleny Modrzejewskiej 13

Kleczkõw, municipality of Troszyn, region Mazowsze, Poland

can (partly) be seen from the road

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