June 02, 2023

Restaurace a Veterán Muzeum, Tramvaj s figurínami / Tram with mannequins

all pictures thanks to Justyna Orlovska
from her website Off the beaten track

Valašské Meziříčí is a town with 22000 inhabitants in the west of the Czech Republic, near the border with Slovakia.

South of the municipality, along the main road nr 57, near a railway crossing, there is a complex comprising a microbrewery, a guest house and a museum-cum-restaurant (opened November 2015). 

On this complex, both outside and inside the buildings, a permanent exhibition of all kinds of vehicles and other items from earlier times has been arranged by the owners. The collection of vehicles includes two trams that were taken out of service after they for many years had run in the city of Ostrava, located some 60 km north-east of Valašské Meziříčí. 

Purchased in 2015, the two trams were transported by truck to the site, where they are now displayed as a prominent part of the overall exhibition. For the lover of trains and trams: these are trams of the type Tatra T3...

One of the two trams has something special: the rear vehicle is full of passengers, mainly mannequins that once filled clothing store windows and now, once again neatly dressed, occupy the seats of the tram.

It is a rather realistic scene. 

The very first image in this article in particular gives the strong impression that we see a tram with passengers, as they drive through a city every day. The degree of reality is greater than other doll sites in this weblog, for example Daina Kučere's garden with dolls in Sabile, Latvia, where the faces of the dolls are not as lifelike as those of the characters in the tram.

Visitors to the complex are not allowed to enter the rear tram, the front tram is accessible and photos of visitors sitting in the driver's seat can be seen on the internet.

The name of the person (or persons) who installed the figures in the tram and provided them with headgear and clothing are not available on the internet. There is also no information about the motives for decorating the tram with passengers. 

The same also applies to the question of what considerations led to the decoration of the site with sculptures of gods from earlier centuries

It seems that the most general consideration has to do with the desire to evoke memories of earlier times, for in addition to the decommissioned tram with mannequins, the complex offers many more exhibitions of such memories. 

For example, the restaurant is decorated with toys, bicycles, numerous models of motorcycles and cars from the past, all this accompanied by an inscription on the wall that says The Golden Sixties.

In an outdoor area is a stable with two horses composed of straw and three males, also made of straw, sitting on a bench, maybe an indication of the manpower and the horses that formerly were needed to to work the land belonging to a farm.

From the same point of view one can look at another feature of the complex, namely a collection of wooden sculptures. 

Probably professionally made, these sculptures represent characters from ancient times, such as Neptune, the god of the waves, Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, Hades, the god of the underworld, Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, and Ares, the god of the war.

The sculptures are displayed along the walls of the restaurant. Like the trams, these sculptures were probably bought somewhere; however, the internet has no information about this.

* Article on the website of Justyna Orlovska, with a series of photos
* Article on the touristic website Turistika, with some 75 photos 

Restaurant and Veteran Museum
Tram with mannequins
Podlesi 547
75701 Valašské Meziříčí, district Vsetín. regio Zlín, Czech Republic
visitors welcome
Google Maps with more than 2000 photos of the site

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