April 12, 2024

Anonymous, Mini vodní mlýny obydlené pohádkovými postavami / Mini watermills populated by fairytale characters

all pictures courtesy of Justyna Orlovska,
from her website Off the Beaten Track

On her website Off the Beaten Track, which has existed since 2013, Justyna Orlovska describes deserted and unusual places she encounters on her travels through various European countries. 

It often happens that she discovers creations that are also worth mentioning in a blog about art environments. 

Recently an article appeared on her website about miniature watermills along a stream in the Czech Republic. 

In terms of the field of art environments, such miniatures belong to the category of singular architecture.

 So a signaling of her article about these creations fits in with this weblog.

The two miniature watermills are located in a wooded area in the Havlíčkův Brod District in the Czech Republic. Who made the creations isn't clear and where they exactly are located is deliberately not stated, this because of the vulnerability of the creations.

The wooden miniature watermills are decorated with small sculptures depicting all kinds of Czech fairytale characters. 

A surprising feature of these figures is that they make movements, driven by a paddle wheel in the flowing stream.

Watch the video below and enjoy the scene !

Miniature scenes with all kinds of characters moving on flowing water are rare in the field of art environments. In my blog a post is dedicated to Vincent Navratil who put together such a creation in the community of Vir, also located in the Czech Republic

* Article (April 2, 2024) by Justyna Orlovska on her website Off the Beaten Track

* Video (April 2024, YouTube, 3'08") by Justyna Orlovska

Mini watermills populated by fairytale characters
hidden somewhere in the 
Havlíčkův Brod District, Vysočina region, Czech Republic

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