January 07, 2009

Dennis Nelems, Baroque Interior

picture by BBC-news

This art environment comprises the decorated interior of a flat in Clevely, near Blackpool (Lancashire, United Kingdom)

Life and works.

When cabinet-maker Dennis Nelems (b. 1941?) settled with his wife in a retirement flat, he did not like the interior very much. He was in his sixties and being a lover of the baroque style, he decided to redecorate the flat.

This became something more than just a redecoration, it became a project that kept the couple busy for six years.

The ornaments added to the living room have been made from gypsum, hardened in latex molds, which Nelems produced himself by applying the latex to models designed in clay.

The living room has been transformed into kind of a Louis XIV palace, abundantly decorated with angels, cherubs, paintings, pillars...... Dennis Nelems and his wife would not have it otherwise. It has been reported that Nelems has been doing this kind of decoration in a number of houses where the couple lived before they settled in the retirement flat.

Actual situation

Above picture was made in 2006. That year the BBC, just as many other media all over the world, had a news item about the baroque interior.

At that time Dennis Nelems said he considered decorating the bedroom in the same style. However, no reports came available about such a project.

Dennis Nelems
Decorated interior
Cleveleys, North West England, UK
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