October 10, 2009

Edwin Sutton, Shell decorated house

Camber Sands is a large family beach in the Sussex-area in the south-east of England, near the community of Rye. The scene is like this: sea, beach, dunes, coastal road....

In the 1950's the scene in general was the same with respect to sea, beach and dunes, but there was not so much development with respect to housing and beach resorts as nowadays.

Life and works

Edwin Sutton (? - ?) was a beach guard, who owned a house along the coastal road.

He decorated this house with shells, which he collected on the beach. Occasionally he painted the scenes in bright colors.

Not much has been left of the former decorations, just a wall, as shown on the photographs made in 2008. Neither has the internet biographical information about Edwin Sutton.

But, surprise, in 1958 a short Pathé newsreel movie was shot, which is available on You Tube.

The house currenly can be rented as a holiday home.

Edwin Sutton
Shell decorated house
Camber, Surrey, South East England, UK

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  1. Hi Henk, hope you are well... I wonder what drives so many people to decorate their places with shells ???

    I was very pleased to see the message from Le Jardin de Nous Deux, very kind of him to invite us over to see more... and that is thanks to you, because I probably would have never heard of the place if not for your work...

    Cheers !