October 07, 2009

Helmer Jarl, Sculpture garden

this and the next picture from the website Annan Konst
(no longer available on the iternet)

Above man in a blue jacket has been present earlier in this weblog. This sculpture was in my post about the exposition Annan Konst, which in 2009 and 2010 has been touring through some Nordic countries.

I have looked around for more information about Helmer Jarl, who made this sculpture, but I could not find much.

Jarl (1920-2009) lived in the community of Algutstorp, that belongs to the city of Värgärda in Sweden.

He transformed the garden around his house into a sculpture garden, with an impersonation of himself (the man in the blue jacket), a dinosaur, like the one in the picture above (about 5 m high, made of glass fiber) and he made kind of a scene from the Roman Empire with a small

temple and some Roman lady approaching it, once more using that nice blue color.

I do not know about the actual (October 2009) status of the garden. It is not quite clear, but probably the house were Jarl lived, at some moment at the end of his life, was sold to a new owner and Jarl did not live there any more when he died.

Helmer Jarl
Sculpture Garden
Algutstorp, Sweden
actual status unknown to me

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