November 11, 2009

François Bothorel, Maison des coquillages/Shell decorated house

pictures courtesy of the webmaster of the 
Plouescat heritage website (link no longer available)

François Bothorel has made something special of his house in Plouescat, a community on the north coast of Finistère, Brittany, France.

He has decorated its interior with shells, he patiently collects on the local beaches. All walls have been decorated, but also many items that keep memories of local heritage alife.

For example, the shell decorated utensils on the picture above, would be used in households to make butter, on the right kind of a centrifuge to separate milk and cream, and on the left a device to transform the cream into the famous breton butter (salted as preferred with salt from the salt cellar in between).

another exposition of utensils, a weighing machine, 
a wheel from a charriot and a ?
(it's a wheelbarrow...see comments) 

Bothorel also shell decorated a number of machines that in former days were used on the farm, like the one in the next picture, a device to cut plants and other supplies to feed horses.

François Bothorel by appointment will welcome visitors who would like to take a look at his creations. If you happen to be around in Plouescat, just ask the tourist office for further directions.

More pictures

* More pictures on the Art Insolite website.

François Bothorel
Pont ar Manac'h
29430 Plouescat, Brittany, France
can be visited on appointment


  1. looks like a pretty unique place...

  2. Hi Henk, I hope you are well ! This is really incredible, we go to that area of Brittany very often on vacation, la Grenouille's Mom lives very close to Plouescat, I've been to Plouescat many times, but never heard about this... so once again, it is wonderful that you are there to help me learn about the country I live in. I believe we will be going back to Brittany at Christmas, will have to see if I can track this down...

    Thanks Henk !!!

  3. Thanks Catherine. And hello Owen, if you happen to be there, do'nt forget to ask what that device besides the wheel is....I was thinking of you when writing this note, knowing that you spend many holidays in Britanny, but of course I had no idea that one of the family would live so close to Plouescat. Christmas in Britanny must be some experience. All the best, Henk

  4. "a wheel from a charriot and a ?" : it's a wheelbarrow (hardly recognizable I'll admit !) Great blog, I thoroughly enjoy it.

  5. @ Anonymous. Yes indeed, it is a wheelbarrow. Once you know, you can recognise it. Thanks a lot !