September 27, 2010

Angelo Stagnaro, Il Parco delle Bombosculture/Bombosculpture Park

in this image Stagnaro with "Lancillotto"

Born in 1940 in his place of living Casarze Ligure, a community on Italy's mediterranean coast, south of Genova (Genua), Angelo Stagnaro had a job at the Riva Trigoso shipyard in Sestri Levante. In this job he may have become well aware of the welding of sheet metal and iron elements..

A private museum and an art environment

The picture above shows him with one of his more than twenty singlehandedly constructed sculptures, which are displayed in the garden around his house. 

The house is a private museum, named Gemma Parmo (after Stagnaro's mother). Opened in 1982, it has an exposition of the many minerals Stagnaro collected from young hood on in various areas in Italy. Although a non-professional, Angelo Stagnaro has earned a very good reputation as an expert on minerals. He writes and gives lectures about the subject

In the garden, named Il Parco delle Bombosculture, Stagnaro's sculptures are exposed.

Made from all kinds of recycled materials, sheet metal, iron elements, empty gass bottles (bombola in Italian), and so on, these creations are modelled after and show the characteristics of legendary or historical personalities, such as Ariel, the fairy of the woods, Diana, the godess, Gano, the warrior, and many more.

The Trigoso website has an inventory and description of all sculptures.  


Documentation/more pictures
* Article on the Costruttori di Babele website 
* The Trigoso website (in italian, authored by ACLI, the Italian Christian Workers Organisation) has an evaluative account and pictures with comments of the sculpture garden.
* Pavel Konečný, Il mondo riciclato di Angelo Stagnaro, in: Cafe Boheme (webmagazine), feb 2013
* Series of photographs (2012) on Francesco Gali's website
* Video by Francesco Galli (6'01", uploaded jan 2013, You Tube)

first published sept 2010, last revised oct 2014

Angelo Stagnaro
Il Parco dell Bombosculture
(jo Museo Mineralogico "Parmo Gemma")
Via Annuti 31
Casarza Ligure, Liguria, Italy
open for the public

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