February 21, 2011

Honorine Burlin. Jardin sculpté/Sculpture garden

view from the street

Located behind a stone wall that separates it from the street, the sculpture garden created by Honorine Burlin (1932-2010) has a charming collection of people and animals.

 Life and work

The first version of this post, published in february 2011 only had limited information about the author of this site. Meanwhile Sophie Lepetit and Louis Bigou in 2014 have written about Burlin (see documentation), so now I can present some more details.

Honorine Burlin, daughter of a carpenter, in 1975 with her husband Julien, a farmer, came to live in Cintegabelle, south of Toulouse, France.   

Before 1975 she already made wooden sculptures, but once settled in Cintegabelle she couldn't find the right wooden material, so she tried making sculptures from concrete. 

This pleased her and the next thirty years or so, until 2005, she went on making sculptures from painted concrete, ultimately creating an art environment consisting of dozens of personalities and animals as present in daily life in the countryside.

this picture (summer 2014) and the next ones 

Placed as in cohorts in the garden besides the house, some of the little people she created look as if marching along together on their way to some special event. 

Others appear in a group, as if waiting for something special to happen.

In the original version of this post I only had some not very sharp pictures. At that time I could not refer to other sites with collections of pictures of this small, lovely art environment.

As stated, in september 2014 Sophie Lepetit reported in her weblog about a visit she had paid to this art environment, adding a series of pictures, some of which are republished here. 

Bruno Montpied in his weblog le Poignard Subtil a number of times in passing has paid attention to Honorine Burlin. Next picture, from his post of august 14, 2010,  is the copy of a page in the catalogue of the private museum Les Amoureux d'Angélique in Carla-Bayle, run by Martine and Piere-Louis Boudra. This catalogue (2010) is the first one this young museum, which deals with french outsider art, has published.

a page from the catalogue of the museum 
as republished in Montpied's weblog

Actual situation 

Since her hands no longer could endure the cement, in 2005 Honorine Burlin discontinued her creative activity. She died in 2010. About half of her work already has been divided over family, friends and interested parties. 

Cared for byJulien Burlin, the sculpture garden currently is still extant, but it is not open for public visits, so I refrain from giving the adress. 

* Weblog of Sophie Lepetit of september 22 and september 23 2014, with a variety of pictures
* The work of Honorine Burlin was represented in a 1999 exposition Mains de Jardin in Toulouse, espace Saint-Cyprien ( La dépeche du Midi 15-7-1999)
* The private museum les Amoureux d'Angélique, Carla-Bayle has items made by Honorine Burlin (More about this private museum, with a variety of pictures, in the weblog of Sophie Lepetit, april 5, 2014).

first published feb 2011, revised feb, sep oct 2014

Honorine Burlin
Jardin sculpté
extant, but no public visits

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