January 25, 2012

Giacomo Rebecchi, Il giardino delle ventole / The garden of fans

pictures courtesy of Cristina Calicelli

A garden in Italy with a lot of poles bearing colourful devices, that can rotate in the wind: ventole in Italian, fans or, my favourite, whirlygigs in English.

Life and work

This art environment, located in the Lombardian community of Cremona, Italy, is a creation by Giacomo Rebecchi (born 1932).

Rebecchi had a job as a machinist with the Italian railways and when in the 1980s he got retired, he began constructing mobiles, using wheels of discarded bicycles and all kinds of recycled material, which he painted in bright colours.

Currently the garden all together has some fifty poles with these colourful mobiles and constructions on top. A number of the creations have been dedicated to members of Rebecchi's family.

* Article in the website Costruttori di Babele

Giacomo Rebecchi
Il giardino delle ventole
Via dei Ferrovieri Caduti 7
26100 Cremona, Lombardia, Italy
can be seen from the street

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