January 29, 2012

Jean Linard, La cathédrale/The cathedral: unite to save

 pictures (may 2014) courtesy of Raija Kallioinen

End January 2012 in accordance with the Linard family, a group of 43 artists, art critics, curators, art colllectors and writers about art has signed a petition, adressed to the french minister of culture, asking to do what is in her power -cooperating with regional and local authorities- to keep the site open for the public, protect and save Linard's creation and promote that the complex becomes a cultural centre. 

Of course, France has more art environments that deserve to be saved for the future. One of the three most important sites in France, les Rochers sculptés by Abbé Fouré. even hasn't a protected status, and then you have the sites of ChomoGabriel Albert and Bodan Litnianski that need attention, not to mention other less known sites.

However, it could be that Linard's art environment precisely has the connotation and circumstances that may lead to actions by public officials, which not only are relevant for this site, but also for other ones.

Maybe this is the moment. So, that's why this post is subtitled "unite to save".

Activities in 2012

Mid-march 2012 the minister of culture has reacted by paying a visit to the site and expressing a positive attitude towards measures promoting the survival of the site.

A committee has been formed, with members of the Linard family and representatives of local and regional public bodies. This committee will steer activities to have the site saved for the future.

Take a look at their new website: la Cathédrale de Jean Linard (english version is under construction)

A poster summarizes the activities of the summer of 2012. In july and august the site will be open for visits by the public, there will be shows, live concerts and meetings with artists.

And there will be lectures and bookshops about art environments in France in general. Such an activity is in line with a recent development in France: the idea to establish an organization focused upon saving and promoting french art environments in general, to be named something like: Patrimonies irreguliers de France, this being a latent desire, probably stimulated by the developments around the Linard estate.

* A new website "La cathédrale de Jean Linard" (launched may 2012)
* Video (published sept 2014) by the direction de l'inventaire du patrimoine de la region Centre (Heritage board of the Centre region), with views from the air of the site

first published jan 2012, last revised aug 2018

Jean Linard
la Cathédrale
18250 Neuvy-deux-clochers, dept Cher, region Centre-Val de Loire, France
open for the public in summer


  1. At the new website I just discovered that La Cathédrale is

    "depuis le 16 juillet 2012 Monument Historique" !

  2. Hello Rita, Yes indeed, the cathedral is a "Monument Historique" nowadays....Very good!