July 20, 2012

Art Brut 2012: emulation or proliferation

© Catherine Ursin

France's numerous art environments will often be discussed from the point of view and in the context of art brut, so it is quite interesting to take note of the recent academic discussion in France about the further direction of theorizing around art brut, a discussion which probably will also reflect upon the further research of art environments.

The French "Collectif de réflexion sur l'Art Brut", CrAB, on July 14, 2012, has published in its weblog a text that can be read as a mission statement 

In agreement with the CrAB I have published a translation into English of this text, written by Baptiste Brun, Vincent Capt, Céline Delavaux and Roberta Trapani

Art Brut 2012: emulation or proliferation? 

Limiting ourselves to consider the European and French situation during the past two years, an unprecedented interest seems to have taken hold of art brut. 
Both in the field of expositions of art brut as in the discussion they evoke, this movement of expansion and excitement does not fail to influence the reception and understanding of art brut. 

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