August 03, 2012

Mark Bourne, Little Italy

pictures courtesy of John Smith from his 

Unmistakably a replica of the leaning tower of Pisa, Italy, this creative construction can be seen in a garden in the community of Corris, Wales, UK.

Life and works 

Chicken farmer and caravansite owner Mark Bourne (1922?-2009) had a strong love for Italy.  

With his wife he would spend there many a holiday, making pictures of the numerous architectural monuments in this country.

Around 1980 he began making replica's of these classics, which he displayed in the reclining, terraced garden near his house. 

He would make these creations by applying cement to a model, made from iron wire and redundant materials like old oil drums, aggravating the base with stones. collected in a nearby river bed.

Ultimately the site would have some thirty items, featuring Pisa's tower, the Rialto Bridge in Venice, the Milan Duomo. Sienna's Bell Tower, and so on, the creations having a maximum height of some 2.5 meters (8.2 feet).

Around 2001 the site got some nationwide publicity in the printed press and on tv, and the narrow paths of the garden would regularly be accessed by touristic visitors.

Actual situation

Mark Bourne died in 2009. 

His wife sold the property, according to one source to a local artist. It remains to be seen what the future will be of this outsider environment, which in 2012 was still extant.

Documentation/more pictures 

Mark Bourne
Little Italy
Corris, Wales, UK
weblogs of 2012 suggest 
that individual visits are possible


  1. De retour de vacances me voici de nouveau sur votre blog !
    Bravo !
    Grâce à vous j'ai pu visiter une maison recouverte de coquillages au sud de l'Irlande .
    Merci !
    A bientôt
    Sophie (des Grigris)

  2. Bonjour Sophie, Bienvenue chez vous après de belles vacances! @ bientôt, Henk