July 14, 2012

Roger Mercier, Chateau de Bresse- Castille/Bresse-Castille castle

pictures (may 2013) courtesy of Cees van Halderen
facade along the main street

Damerey is a small community in the Burgundy area in France, north-east of Chalons-sur-Saône.

Driving on the main road N 73 that bisects the community, one passes a decorated facade, part of an art environment named Chateau de Bresse-Castille, a creation by Roger Mercier

Life and works

Born in Spain in 1926, Mercier became an officer with the french merchant navy.

After he got retired, in 1984, he began to embellish the facade of his house along Damerey's main street by adding a variety of sculptures of animals.

Behind the house, along a side street, the property has an inner court with another building in the rear. This inner court once more has sculptures and various constructions, like arcades and a decorated tower.

the inner court

The scene expresses kind of a homage to Mercier's homeland, Spain, with impersonations of spanish characters, like dancers and a torero, but also bulls, all painted in bright colours.

But then, one also can meet Neptune and mermaids.....

By constructing arcades and a tower and decorating the walls of the court, Mercier created kind of a colourful hacienda in the midst of Burgundian surroundings.

It took Mercier some sixteen years (1984-2000) and some twenty building permits to establish this art environment.

Roger Mercier, may 2013

In december 2013 the Journal de Saone-et-Loire reported that Roger Mercier had left Damerey and has joined his family.

Documentation/more pictures
* Article (november 2013) on the Vivre-a-Chalon website, with a variety of pictures and announcing Mercier's departure
* The lorgnette d'un jour blog has some info and pictures (may 2012)
* More pictures on canalblog (Sirhill89)
* Article (april 2013) by Cees van Halderen on his weblog and series of pictures on his Picasa page

Roger Mercier
Chateau de Bresse-Castille
71620 Damerey, France
no public visits, visible from the street

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