July 03, 2012

European Award for Lifelong Passions


Authoring this blog about outsider environments may be kind of a passion, but that is nothing compared to the passion that is shown by those who create these environments. 

Some spend a large part of their life to making these creations, like Justo Gallego Martinez who is building a cathedral in Mejorado del Campo, Spain, or Veijo Ronkkönen from Finland, who during his life created a sculpture park of over 500 items depicting a variety of people, or Bodan Litnianski, from France, who created a garden of wonders from found objects and waste material, or... or.....

This blog so far has over 250 examples of passionate, creative activity by men and women in European countries, who in terms of social stratification would be classified as ordinary people, but who in creative or artistic terms can be seen as very very special. 

Some of these people have become known to the general public, but many of them remain unknown, their creations often being destroyed after their death.

An award

Now there appears to be a European Award for people with lifelong passions, like the creative passionates in this blog, or those who are exploring other fields of human activity. 

From origin an award for visual art,  granted by the Italian city of Laives, meanwhile the theme has been broadened to passions.

In 2012 the award (first prize euro 8.000)  will be granted for the seond time. Everyone may nominate candidates, or you may register yourself. 

The website with all information is: www.lasecondaluna. it (in english, but also in italian, french, german and spanish). On Facebook: www.facebook.com/lasecondaluna (The links to the website and Facebook are not operational anymore, so these have been removed)

In may 2013 the jury has announced the winners of 2012:

1st prize: Luigi Lineri, from Zevio, Italy, a passionate collector, since the 1970's, of specific sones from the bed of a nearby river, assorting and exposing them according to their characteristcs
2nd prize: Mario Andreoli, from Manarola, Italy, who from the 1980's on every christmas time creates a christmas scene with lots of self- made illuminated characters on a hill in his hometown
3rd prize: Sabrina d'Alessandro, who is passionate in tracing (Italian) words that no longer are used and promotes their re-use

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