July 05, 2012

Patrimoines irréguliers de France/France's irregular heritages

Formally founded in april 2012, the association Patrimoines irréguliers de France (France's irregular heritages) will for the first time present itself publicly on July 14th, 2012 with lectures, a round table and a theatrical performance.

The event takes place at the location of Jean Linard's Cathedral (see my post of january 29, 2012) and thus also marks the reopening of this site during july and august.

A major development

The Patrimoines Irréguliers de France organisation has been formed in the context of recent activities to save Linard's art environment. Focussing upon the study, the documentation and the saving of outsider environments in France, its formation can be considered as a major development.


The talks on July 14 (yes indeed, quatorze juillet, France's national holiday) will be given by Déborah Couette (introduction of the P.I.F.), Roberta Trapani (on french and italian sites), Jo Farb Hernandez (on spanish sites and the SPACES organisation in the US) and Laurent Danchin (on saving outsider environments).

Patricia Allio, Caroline Bourbonnais, Philippe Clément and Pascal Rome will participate in the round table and the theatrical performance is provided by the Compagnie OpUS


The P.I.F. can be contacted at patrimoines.irreguliers.fr@gmail.com

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