July 28, 2013

Yiorgos Chavaledakis, ΚΟΥΜΟΣ, πέτρινη κατασκευή/ Koumos, stone construction

pictures are screenprints from the video by
Sergio Flaquer Carrera (see documentation)
published here in agreement with the author

Yiorgos Chavaledakis's stone construction is an ensemble of buildings, structures and sculptures made from stones varying in shape, color and size (from small to some meters) which Yiorgos collected in the neighbouring mountains.

The site, located in the community of Kalyve near Chania on Crete, is named Koumos, a Greek term to denote a shed with a typical form, as depicted in the next picture that shows the one made by Chavaledakis.

The internet has no biographic information about Chavaledakis.

In 1990 he began creating the site and it took him over ten years to complete it.

Currently this art environment accommodates a Greek tavern and restaurant, where large numbers of guests can be welcomed. 

The building which houses the tavern is lavishly decorated with stones, in the same way as the chapel on the site, as shown below.

Yiorgos' creative talent is also reflected in various stand alone sculptures ....

.... mosaic decorated images ....

and frescoes in high relief on the walls.

* The official Koumos website
* Koumos on Facebook
* Page on the Netilios website, in French, review and pictures
* Video by Serflac (4'01". July 2013, YouTube)

Yiorgos Chavaledakis
730073 Chania, 
Crete, Greece
open to the public that visits the tavern

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