September 30, 2013

A new book about Spanish art environments

Jo Farb Hernández' new book about art environments in Spain is ready ! It will be available for the public in december 2013.

Published by Raw Vision, Singular Spaces. From the Eccentric to the Extraordinary in Spanish Art Environments has 595 pages and 1306 color photo's to document, describe and analyze over forty art environments in Spain, most of these having been created by self-taught artists.

Director of the US association that aims to save and preserve singular sites, SPACES,  and of the Thompson Art Gallery in San José, California, USA, Jo Farb Hernández with her new book has provided the field with both scholarly analyses and a wealth of documentary material, which -apart from text and pictures in the book- is available on a CD with site plans and over 4000 pictures.

A complete review of the various sites which are discussed in this book in the relevant entry in my page Annotated Bibliography


In conjunction with the publication of the book, during october 2013 the Thompson Art Gallery has an exhibition that features with photographs, documentation and selected artifacts spanish art environments.

(Most well known internet booksellers already accept orders) 

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