November 11, 2013

First lustrum of this blog

Today, november 11th 2013, is the date of the first lustrum of this blog. In november 2012 I presented some statistics about the blog's first four years, so in line with that presentation, here are some stats about what happened last year (Data as produced by google's blog statistics on november 10, 2013).

Number of visitors
Per november 9, 2012 the all time number of visitors was 123.000 (rounded down), on november 10, 2013 the all time number was 209.550, an increase of 86.550 visitors during last year, or an average of 237 visitors a day.

Page views by country, top ten

country                             2008/13      rank     2008/12

1.  United States                   41232         (1)      22088
2.  Netherlands                     32327         (2)      19625
3.  France                             24028         (3)      15414
4.  United Kingdom             18189         (4)      11374
5.  Germany                           9383         (6)        5311
6.  Italy                                   8270         (5)        5830
7.  Spain                                 5239         (7)        3445
8.  Poland                               3778         (-)            --
9.  Russia                               3698         (9)         2353
10.Belgium                            2618       (10)         1981

The most interesting conclusion from the table above is the relative stability of the order of the countries of origin of the visitors in the top ten. Most of the countries have the same rank order as compared with a year ago. Finland however left the 8th place in the top ten, to be replaced by Poland.

Most directly searched environments,  top ten (eh.....nine)

site                                     2008/13    rank      2008/12

1. Floc'h, Girouettes              1945         (-)             --
2. Tatin, Musée                      1856         (-)             --
3. Garcet, Tower                    1388         (1)          1144
4. Abbé Fouré, Rochers         1216       (10)           374
5. Cheval, Palais Idéal           1136        (5)           613                                
6. Litnianski, Jardin               1097        (4)           615
7. van Genk, Bus station        1051         (2)           997
8. Mercier, Chateau                 821         (-)             --
9. Chomo, Preludian art          650         (3)           635

First of all, why nine and not ten? That is because two posts about Abbé Fouré both ranked high, the one about his life and works had 688 views and the one about the action to save the site had 528. Since this all about one site, I added the numbers, and so the Fouré site earned the fourth place (last year nr 10), Since the statistics by Google only have results for the top ten, I could not figure out which site would be the tenth after I did this excercise with Fouré.

There are some newcomers: Floc'h, Tatin and Mercier, and some sites have left the top ten/nine: Sinistö, Vasseur, Bentivegna and Leegwater. But then, there is a rather stable cohort in the top ten: Garcet, Fouré, Cheval, Litnianski, van Genk and Chomo, not surprisingly of course.

Trying to explain these moves would be speculation. Only in the case of Tatin I noted that a referral to my blog in an article about this artist on the Facebook page Outsider Art, directly resulted in a large influx to the note on Tatin in the OEE blog.


  1. Many thanks, dear Henk, for you extraordinary work! gabriele

  2. Thank you, dear Gabriele. Best wishes to you.