May 21, 2014

Jules Damloup, La petite Afrique/Little Africa

pictures (may 2014) by Raija Kallioinen

Life and works

Jules Damloup (1898-1985) lived in the community of Pithiviers in the Loiret area in France. He  embellished his garden with sculptures of african animals, such as the lion pictured above and the zebra below.

His art environment, La petite Afrique, is not extant anymore. I suppose it was demolished in the 1980's.

Some of his creations were rescued from demolishment by the Fabuloserie, the private outsider art museum in Dicy, France, established in 1983 by Alain Bourbonnais, where the lion and the zebra currently are showpieces.

The sculptures are in a wonderful condition, taking into account that they were made so many years ago.

This is all I know....

.....about Damloup and his creative activities. 

The relevant french blogs/websites and the french books I own about outsider art and art environments do not provide additional factual information about the site, except Michel Ragon (Du côté de l'art brut, 1996), who reports that Damloup regularly visited Pierre Avezard's Manège.

Aside from publications about the Manège, the magnificent collection of the Fabuloserie up to now has not yet been described systematically.

So initiatives to establish over time a documentation centre of art environments in Europe (as on the wish-list of the interest group of environments of the European Outsider Art Association) are very important.

Jules Damloup
La petite Afrique
Pithiviers, dept Loiret, region Centre-Val de Loire, France
site demolished

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